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Dear players.After technical work,

We have added the Launcher, you can download it with the patch together Here



Fix Resolution

Auto Update Client file

X-shop Price


Grand Open

Time: 7pm on July 31, 2021 (GMT+7)

Server Basics

Server: Era – Era

Category: Non Reset

Version: Season 16 Part 2

Max Level: 400

Max Master Level : 900

Max Master Level For 3rd Class: 400

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Before you start playing at the Era server, you should know a few things as follows:

Rudd Sets & Rudd Weapons here are hard to find!!

Xshop is super expensive!!

Exp Only X1 !!

No xshop & Full Rudd Set

Will have a very hard time in the swamp (Map800) and above..

This is Very Special Server !!

The Game Takes Place in The Epic season 16 part 2 with many upgrades & Secrets !
Hard server X1 Non Reset.

Welcome to ERA.MUASEAN.COM MuOnline - we are NEW and BIG Private MU Online Server, which is based on Premium IGCN MU Online Server files. The feeling here in this project is completely opposite from other servers. Game with astonishing entertainment. ERA.MUASEAN.COM MuOnline is with well-considered gameplay and made to deliver best quality and stability.
We wont tell you that our MU Online server is best, but we give you a chance to see that our mu online server is Unique with our Hard Economy System, Nice Leveling Road, Interesting Gameplay and Well-Configured Server, which is made by Developers with more than 10 year experience.

You can get Wcoin, Goblin Points, Ruud, in the game

Each location and each monster has unique changes. The character formula and pvp pve balance are unique.
Modification of the characteristics of monsters. Modification of the drop. The game of your dreams!

Skype live:.cid.7cbaf553dc861174


Currently this is only one server.